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Players of characters of both factions that have characters physically near Vetala see this in their chat box.

On most RP servers, it's hard to just walk up to someone and start RPing because RP works better if people have some expectation of what is going to happen ("we're going to plan a raid", "we're going to fight a duel", "we're going to bury our comrade").

DO NOT use /say or /me for this because those are visible to other characters near your character.

You can take your trooper/military RP to the starting area on Ord Mantell at Fort Garnik because its got just the right atmosphere and setting.

You could do your bounty hunter RP in Nemros palace on Hutta.

There are no MECHANICAL or IN-GAME differences between RP and non-RP servers.

A RP-Pv E server works just like a Pv E server and a RP-Pv P server works just like a Pv P server.

For instance, you can't say "Vetala realizes Im so handsome that she falls in love with me! You can't say "I cut your head off with my lightsaber!

" The other guy might choose for his character's head to not get cut off.If you see someone acting inappropriately then ask them to stop and go someplace private and if they do not then report them.Meaning find an appropriate in-game location for your RP.Bioware will ban you for being offensive in public - and remember that other people may find even very mild stuff offensive and report you, so err on the side of caution.Use appropriate discretion and prudence when dealing with strangers on the internet and with minors.If someone does this to you, whisper them (/w or click on them, click their nameplate and select whisper) and politely and patiently explain that your actions are your own.


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