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If you want to try a free dating site, then Mingle2might be the dating site for you.It takes 30 seconds to create an account and start searching for a match.But what Mingle 2 makes up for with a speedy membership signup process, it can lead to a lot of empty-looking profiles, as well as sparse-looking search results list.

Mingle 2 does offer all the tools needed for online dating.

You have a competent email system and instant messenger.

A few years back this website used to be full of real people. Anyone know of such site because EHarmony is full of scammers also!!!! 90 PERCENT of this site is BOGUS pictures to guys that don't live near where you do but ARE OVERSEAS SCAMMERS; MOSTLY MUSLIM TYPES... IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE DECEIVED, STAY AWAY FROM THIS been having great fun and meeting some awesome people for about 8 months now.

But from my experience with the website, I have found that most of the people now are scammers or alot of spammers that are just looking for your information. Always pictures of good-looking men of same age group, widowed, live in another state and they always try to get you to talk to them on chat or email or Facebook or text, or anywhere other where their scams can be seen. Learned how to pick out and avoid the scammers quickly (learnt the hard way).

Our team’s recommendation is, if you are NOT looking for a long-term relationship, then give this dating site a try.

Sign up and do a quick check to find out if there are members living in your area; if not, you may want to give a more popular dating site like a chance.

Searching, while easy, does leave room for improvement.

Allowing members to filter on activity would help as well as offering more search options.

Don't waste you're money Don't bother wasting your time and go to a paid professional dating/singles matching website. but when you sign up it asks for a phone number, ok they send me a text to make sure I am real right? The phone texting service is a co-registration offer.

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