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Most Cuban cigars were actually made in Tampa, there was an incredible amount of manufacturing done in Tampa. There were some tax issues with Cuba back with Cuba back then so they made cigars in Tampa.

I don’t know too much technically about hybrids, but I know that when we rolled it up and smoked it, it (corojo 2006) had a very rich tobacco flavor with a little spice and sweetness.

Right now the Miami, 32s and 48s are all made out of the Racias Cubanas factory, which is a great factory where some great cigars are produced. It’s all Cuban Style with mounted heads and triple capped. The transition from Pepin’s factory to this one was very smooth. But wouldn’t that seed just take on the characteristic of the soil and climate of where ever it is grown? The Cuban seeds that were coming out in the late 90s, Habano 2000 became very popular.

Miami’s Cuban community has really evolved, and being in Little Havana is a dream come true.

There were skeptics who didn’t know why I wanted to do it here.

The series 68 are made by the cousins of the family of Racias Cubanas factory. EP - You can hear a lot of people saying that they have Cuban-seed Nicaragua, but what you’re seeing on there is Habano-seed Ecuador, which is very nice and used on a lot of cigars that I adore as well. No one could ever ferment that leaf – it just never burned right.

It’s a thinner wrapper and has a citrus aftertaste. It was so thick, it was beautiful, and no one could get it to burn right.

I would talk to some people at their factories while we were eating lunch, and there were bales of tobacco all around us. Ernie Carrillo (Ernesto Perez-Carrillo) is probably the godfather of exile Cuban Miami made cigars.

I know the Padrons and they are definitely people I respect. I had first heard of Pepin Garcia through a gentlemen names Edwardo Fernandez.

I’ll go to the Polish neighborhood for great sausage, the Italian section for great beef.


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