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► Men self-presented deceptively when expected a date.

► Women did not engage in deceptive self-presentation.

Some geographically close countries exhibit higher similarity between patterns of self-disclosure which was also confirmed by studies on cross-cultural differences and personality traits.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first attempt to conduct a large-scale analysis of SNS profiles, emphasize gender differences on a country level, investigate patterns of self-disclosure and to provide exact rules that characterize genders within and across countries.

► Participants expected to meet a date: face-to-face, email, or not at all.

► There was a control condition with no pretense of dating.

Body Language Men Online communication within the sexes varies as much as it does face-to-face, according to the experts. Herring conducted a study on male/female email communications that produced some interesting results.

In the data she collected, there was an apparent difference in the language used by males and females online.

From body language and facial expressions to the way we speak to one another; the differences are drastic. Deborah Tannen, who wrote the book , “Communication isn’t as simple as saying what you mean.


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