Google maps not updating

When true, render each edge as a geodesic (a segment of a “great circle”).

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When false, render each edge as a straight line on screen.

Converts to string the set of items in the collection.

What’s really unique about this GPS navigation app called Waze is it’s ability to give and read live updates to and from other users.

It’s a social network kind of geolocation application which gives you real-time traffic, road re-blocking, checkpoints, and other road-related updates from real and active users.

The downside of this app though is its search function.

As much as possible, you need to know the exact address of the venue or location you’re looking for if you’re going to use this social GPS app. One of the largest search engines (next to Google) also made geolocation even better and easier.The Grandfather of Internet mapping might be kicking since 1996.But it’s still one of the most reliable in this field.Aside from that, it also has a very comprehensive database of location reviews and local events on a particular place.Nav Free USA is a free Android app which can navigate you towards your location even without the use of any Internet connection.For people who have never been a fan of Google Maps, regardless if it’s due to its interface, color schemes, system, or whatsoever, there are fresh alternatives which you could also use for the sake of geolocation. Map Quest is basically an old-timer in the field of geolocation.


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