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“This company’s going to grow into something big,” she says.For now, though, Pewters says she wants to expand membership and focus on the needs of her members while also providing what she says she knows from experience is a needed service in Mesa County.

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She says she’s drawn on her experiences in developing what she describes as an elegant and sophisticated alternative to online dating. She helps members of the service complete profiles and make videotaped introductions.

She identifies potential matches based on information she’s gleaned from consultations, profiles and ongoing conversations.

It lacks the emotional connection.” Pewters says she was so exasperated at one point she considered selling her house and moving to the Front Range to have more opportunities to meet single people — even though she otherwise enjoys living in the Grand Valley.

Pewters decided instead to start a professional dating service to provide safe, enjoyable and convenient ways for single people like her to meet. ” Pewters operates a service she’s named, aptly enough, It’s a Date.

Pewters says most of hermembers are looking for long-term relationships.

She believes she can help find them — and arrange their last first date.“It feels like you’re shopping for a used car,” she says.“That’s not the experience I want and understand others don’t want.The process starts, she says, with registration and a discreet and confidential consultation during which she discusses various service options, how people see themselves and what they’re looking for in the people they’d like to meet.Members complete a profile and make a brief videotape that serves as an introduction.At the end of the date, members are free to exchange business cards or phone numbers and make plans to meet again.


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