Guide to dating a computer geek

You might be awesome at Dance Central, but it won’t win you any points, not when the guy’s into World of Warcraft or Portal.

The strategy recommended by the Chip Chick article is two-fold: 1.

Think places where you can get a seat, drinks are well priced and you can hear people talk.

Just as geeks love learning and collecting facts, they appreciate a woman who has a brain and isn’t afraid to use it. You have to let them know that you’ll welcome their attention.

Nothing makes a geek happier than being able to have an in-depth and detailed conversation with the woman they’re attracted to. Geek guys are frequently shy and afraid of rejection.

(Genuine she-geeks don’t need the help, since they’re already on the same wavelength with their male brethren.) Is it offensive to see what amounts to a tipsheet on how to dupe guys with tricks? When I wrote “5 Tips for Snagging a Techie Girl” last year, the idea was to help readers put their best foot forward — not con anyone with falsehoods.

But let’s put authenticity aside for a second, and cut to the chase: In the real world, would these geek-seeking steps even work?

A geek boyfriend will surprise you with his imaginative gifts and out-of-the-ordinary dates and experiences. The kink community has an almost shockingly heavy geek population. Ya’ll are a hot commodity to the right women.) So how do you win over a geek guy? This is especially true to shy, socially inexperienced guys – as geek boys tend to be.

It can take some getting used to if you’re used to the typical “flowers and chocolates” type, but it can be so much more rewarding. They love learning and knowledge for it’s own sake; if they have an interest in a subject, they’ll dive into it with great eagerness. If you’re looking to get tied up and spanked, you’ll find geeks are ready, willing and incredibly able. Geek guys will appreciate your love of XKCD and Avatar: The Last Airbender. (Hey, geek guys: want to know what else women like about you? You need to remember that many geeks are so used to rejection that they it; the dialogue in a geek guy’s head is a neverending chorus of rationalizations and worst-case scenarios.

Yes, geeks avoid sweaty clubs as they don’t have the moves and glasses can fog up. Take the Geek approach — add them on Four Square and see where they ‘check in’ to- those will be your ideal stomping grounds.

Scout them out in the surrounding areas to these companies — the address of Google/Yahoo etc. In general, places like Silicon Valley, San Francisco and the Old Street Roundabout in the UK are unparalleled geek stomping grounds, so consider yourself fortunate if you happen to live nearby.

They’ll pick up skill sets just because it interests them. That intellectual curiosity and imagination I mentioned earlier? They have played through every possible outcome in their mind and every single one of them ends with laughing and pointing, occasionally with a drink thrown in their face. When you couple that with the occasionally crippling approach anxiety, nerdboys are unlikely to make the first approach.


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