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When he's not on-air with sidekicks Al Boorland (Richard Karn) and buxom "Tooltime Girl" Lisa (Pamela Anderson), Tim has his hands full running interference for his rowdy family, which includes wife Jill (Patricia Richardson) and sons Brad, Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) and Mark.

Goofy handyman Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor (Tim Allen) supes up his lawnmower for a race against Bob Vila in Season 2 of the hilarious sitcom.

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This would later come to greater fruition when he became a teenager.

During his teen years, Mark began to adopt a more goth look and an anti-establishment kind of attitude.

Laughs abound as Tim joins his wife's (Patricia Richardson) book club and more.

Son Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) gets voted "best butt" by the girls at school and sidekick Al (Richard Karn) creates a "Tool Time" board game.

Eventually, he took off his glasses, and got contact lenses instead.

As he had no time with his brothers, and often pushed away, he adopted activities he could do as a child, such as cub scouts, taking Karate lessons, computer class, and by the age of ten, started building model airplanes which ultimately led to him taking flying lessons for a short time, therefore making fewer appearances in the episodes.

Tim and the gang return for a hilarious sixth season of the long-running hit show "Home Improvement." In this season, Jill (Patricia Richardson) coaxes a reluctant Tim (Tim Allen) to couples therapy, Tim helps Heidi (Debbe Dunning) deliver her baby at a car show and more.

Meanwhile, Brad (Zachery Ty Bryan) discovers the working world, and the cast of "Tool Time" visits a ship. With midlife hard upon him, Tim (Tim Allen) embarks on a series of adventures guaranteed to keep fans laughing, as his quest for power results in a blackout during the Thanksgiving football game and the accident-prone host considers walking away from his show.

As a child, Mark had an interest in cooking, tools, and flying.

As a child, Mark inherited his fondness and interest in tools from his father.

Mark, as a ten-year-old, enjoyed making model-airplanes as shown in the episode "Fear of Flying." This love of making model airplanes led to Tim taking him to a museum, and Mark taking flying lessons for a short time.


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