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Where we lived, all the houses and apartments looked alike, their ugliness matched by everything surrounding us.

Many critics and film historians consider her performance as the doomed courtesan Marguerite Gautier in Camille (1936) to be her finest.

The role gained her a second Academy Award nomination.

Her parents met in Stockholm where her father visited from Frinnaryd.

He moved to Stockholm to become independent and worked in various odd jobs—street cleaner, grocer, factory worker and butcher's assistant. My father would be sitting in a corner, scribbling figures on a newspaper.

Garbo launched her career with a secondary role in the 1924 Swedish film The Saga of Gosta Berling. Mayer, chief executive of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), who brought her to Hollywood in 1925.

She immediately stirred interest with her first silent film, Torrent, released in 1926; a year later, her performance in Flesh and the Devil, her third movie, made her an international star.

Garbo also became an art collector in her later life; her collection, including works from painters such as Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Pierre Bonnard, and Kees van Dongen, Greta Lovisa Gustafsson was born in Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden.

She was the third and youngest child of Anna Lovisa (née Karlsson, 1872–1944)—a housewife who later worked at a jam factory—and Karl Alfred Gustafsson (1871–1920), a laborer.

(Academy rules at the time allowed for a performer to receive a single nomination for their work in more than one film.) In 1932, her popularity allowed her to dictate the terms of her contract and she became increasingly selective about her roles.


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