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And no need to worry, your phone number will not be visible for anyone of your wechat contacts later.

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The wechat app has some interesting features to get in touch and also to keep in touch with girls.

And because 99,9 % of the girls you will meet in Shanghai will have an account, it is a must for guys, who like girls!

The first step is to download and install the software on your mobile phone or tablet device.

The software is available for nearly all devices, find some of the most popular shop links directly below, if your device is not listet, just click on the QR code left or you can also easy scan the code to come to the download homepage of wechat.

This is a very quick post to a common question I get from my friends.

If you are an international user and likely to be using We Chat in foreign languages (other than Chinese), you may realise that you do not have the Wallet option in your We Chat readily made available to you.

After you setup your account and open the software, there will be 4 main menu buttons on the bottom: "Wechat", "Contacts", "Discover" and "Me".

When you meet someone and want to get in touch, than you can add her/him by many different ways.

Wechat is a very usefull mobile phone Chat App and also the most popular one all over Asia, and especially in China it will be hard to find someone who do NOT use it!

Unfortunally they use the name "Weixin" in China and "Wechat" for the international market, so it is a little bit confusing sometimes, if your girl ask you, if you use weixin, but you only have wechat (but it`s exactly the same! Wechat is available in nearly all languages and for nearly all devices!

Be carefull, if you "flirt" with a girl in the comment area of her moments, because it could be one of your "other girls" is a friend of her, than she can see all comments on the first girls "Moments"!

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