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any way we can decide tobe just exchange wife when we go out togather just chit chat a little touch they are agreed. hi guys im a 40 yr old married man and me and my wife we tried a threesome it wasnt the full package but was very nice and excited for both of us.

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She has recently told me she does not want to do this again. When we say no after we have already sacrificed, accept it. Thank you for your time and your perspective on this.

I guess I was misunderstood by stating I'm persistant.

She watched a video from the site please bang my wife to give her the visual stimulus and I did as well.

We are now leaving this as a fantasy only and keeping those three experiences in our mind which still enhances our sex life.

The really enjoys the sex but insists she does not need this in her life or for our marriage. If she does not want to do it again but you are being persistant, you need to lay off. She was willing to experiment and now its no fun for her anymore. It is great that she was willing and great that you two are still going strong but if you keep pushing the MMF on her, it will drive her away from you.

She has expressed she only does it for me but will enjoy it to the fullest for that time shot in time. I know this is the men's chat forum, but I thought I would give you a bit of perspective regarding the female mind.

That is not the case, I respect my wife which happens to be the mother of my children.

I'm currently on buisness travel and last night her and I had video conf sex of the net.

i am right when your happy like i am in a relaptionsi[ these things dont really enter my mind...

when she got married ask her did she mean her vows they are for life you giv yourselfs to eachother she didntgive her self to you and the milkman lol If all these swingers had a strong relationship in the first place, there would be no need for a threesome. Give it any name you want, but in my eyes it is one of the saddest things ever invented...

The first guys was very well endowed (Porn Star Like) and the other guys was just a bit longer than me but just about average.


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