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"You hear these horror stories and that people are only on it for one-night stands, but you hear about so many relationships coming from Tinder too.

"When I told my mam I’d met a guy on Tinder, initially she said, 'He could have been crazy,' but she fell in love with him when they met. Of course, when she heard that he was Australian, she knew I wouldn’t be coming home to settle in Ireland.

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"We are getting married on October 2 in Boyne Hill House in Navan.

We hired the estate for three days — there are about 30 Aussies coming home and then we will have a party when we get back to Australia."Ben is definitely the love of my life — I’ve never met another man like him; he is so kind.

When Jillian Byrne (35) moved to Australia 10 years ago, she had no idea she’d find the love of her life on Tinder.

Engaged and planning an October wedding, the Tallaght native explains how chance led her to Aussie man Ben Eldridge (36). I was chatting to a few people but didn’t go on any dates when I decided, ‘Right, I have had enough — I am over it!

Posing as a hard-up student on the look out for extra money, all I had to do was upload a picture, my vital statistics, and how much cash I was looking for in return for my company. Bring costumes.” In amongst all these was 39-year-old divorced Dave* the Co Down vet - AKA the world’s worst sugar daddy - who listed himself as being worth a cool £1.25 million.

Within minutes, I had been bombarded with messages and cash offers from around the world which ranged from a man in Newcastle Upon Tyne asking me to “act as his girlfriend” in front of family members, to a charmer in Donegal who wrote: “Hi, can you travel for sex? After a few messages via Seeking Arrangement, I spoke to Dave on the phone and without much polite conversation, he admitted he was a farmer, not a vet and bluntly offered me £150 a week to perform vile sex acts.“Are you open minded in the bedroom? “This will work because you’re getting what you want, I’m getting what I want and everyone’s happy.

“If it doesn’t work out there’s no house or kids to worry about - there’s no mess.”Following our chat, Dave sent me up a follow-up message making it very clear what he expected from me: “Are you on the pill and OK with **** that’s what I was getting at,” he wrote.

When he suggested we meet up, I thought he might choose a smart restaurant given his millionaire status, so I was left a little deflated when he offered to buy me a cheap coffee at a Belfast Mc Donald’s.

My brother wanted to go to the races and he said, 'I will go with you,' and they went off for the day. His parents were on the holiday with us and his dad recorded the whole thing so I could show my family at home.

"We’ve been together 15 months so it has been a whirlwind romance.

During our chat Dave revealed he’d had two arrangements with sugar babies in the past and was looking for his third because his hectic work schedule meant he didn’t have time for a relationship.


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