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Here are 10 surprising revelations from this week's THR cover story: 1.EVEN AT AGE 85, HEFNER CAN STILL HAVE A (VERY) ACTIVE SEX LIFE "We had sex once a week," Hefner says of his ex-fiancee, 25-year-old Crystal Harris. We had sex the first night that we met, with another girl, and it was such a nice relationship that I kept them both over for a weekend." 2.

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that she was so miserable while she lived in the mansion that she attempted suicide.

In the book, out June 23, Holly explains that dating the Playboy mogul "a man who was old enough to be my grandfather," drove her to despair.

But, growing up, there was a girl in my class named Rainbow. People love to say, 'That's a stripper name.' But I've spent a lot of time in Vegas and strippers aren't named Rainbow.

I grew up in Oregon, where a lot of hippies went to start families. They're named Amber, Crystal and Jessica." founder was "Absolutely not," involved in her daughter's life.

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HEFNER' S BEDROOM IS A MESS Old magazines and papers litter the floor all around his giant, king-size bed, with its kilim-style comforter."I can be at my most creative like this," Hefner explains. THE MAN WHO DATED ' THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR' MAY PREFER BLONDES, BUT HIS HEART LIES WITH A BRUNETTE His tastes then and now veer toward women who remind him of the movie stars he loved growing up, such as Alice Faye, though he currently favors blondes. "I'm looking for a partner -— a romantic partner." 6."Picasso had his pink period and his blue period; I’m in my blonde period," he quips, though the woman who got closest to him, Barbi Benton, was a brunette. WHILE PLAYBOY' S DOMESTIC FORTUNES SHRINK, THE MAGAZINE FLOURISHES WORLDWIDE Playboy Enterprises Inc. Ad pages have shrunk by over half in the last decade and its circulation has dropped from a high of 7 million to 1.5 million.It’s a stunning archive detailing almost every aspect of his life, done with a deliberateness that indicates Hefner knew early on he wanted a legacy.It contains the good, the bad and the ugly: photos of Hefner at the beginning of Playboy, which he started in Chicago in 1953 after scraping together a few thousand dollars for a magazine that would have been called if the title hadn’t been taken; a copy of the famous nude Marilyn Monroe photo that graced the first issue, which sold 54,000 copies; critical articles about the death of Dorothy Stratten, a Playmate of the Year who was shot to death in August 1980 by her estranged husband, Paul Snider; and, somewhat weirdly, a psychologist’s assessment of her lover, director Peter Bogdanovich — a scathing Hefner critic — whose origins not even the archivist can explain."She was talking about a third person I didn't recognize. But I think that Crystal is more than one person; she's kind of lost at the center and was overwhelmed by the relationship, and got caught up in an affair while we were going together that I knew nothing about." As to the way they parted: "There was no disappointment in terms of not getting married -— it's the disappointment of the relationship going south," he says.


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