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Udayanthi Kulathunga is actually one of the hottest Tele drama actresses in Sri Lanka and she did several mini teledramas and some long serials like Sara.

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And of course the coming up Ganga Addara n Sanda Sanda wage also being contributed by Shalani’s roles.

Apart from teledramas she also has contributed in the TV commercials Hero Honda, Raino, Janet.

She is one of the famous and most beautiful upcoming female actress in Sri Lanka.

She is very young actress and she has very cute face.

Shalani going ahead in her career did not stop there; she also contributed in music videos Prihans Oya dese, mata oya D n S, Wasthuwe shafee ft Delon.

Upeksha Swarnamali, MP is a Sri Lankan politician, model and television actress.The turning point of her life or the start of her celebrity life began with the pagent Sirasa kumariya.Her first step in the industry was kept in the drama Poojasanaya by Mr. delankawala, and her talents take her further in the field to Isuru bawana, Hansi, Samanalee, Api Api Wage 1 & 2 teledramas which became popular among all her fans.There were so many gossips and rumors were happening around Nayana Kumari recently.Nayana kumari also much interest in beauty and she open beauty saloon recently called salon Nayana art. This srilankan hot actress got great skills on performance arts and she represents Sri Lankan TV industry over a decade.


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