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Read Full Story There was a very famous spectator in the crowds for Notre Dame football's opening game last weekend: Jon Bon Jovi. "Jesse has earned his spot on the 105[-man roster]," Notre Dame's head coach, Brian Kelly, said in an interview last month. Now, Jon Bon Jovi has called him out for being late to his London concert earlier this spring. Bon Jovi called out the Biebs for being nearly one and a half hours late to his concert and says he's letting his fans down by being tardy for his own party.He also adds that if Justin continues down this road, he runs the risk of becoming...

Jon bon jovi dating

Read Full Story(Pacific Coast News)And the bad press continues for Justin Bieber's world tour.

After the singer's Sunday night performance in Johannesburg (the one in which he also treated his mom to an on-stage serenade), robbers apparently found some time to break into the safe room at FNB Stadium and snatch a bit over $100,000 in concert money.

There was, though, a love triangle involving the actress Diane Lane, his girlfriend in the mid-80s.

Lane was getting closer to Bon Jovi’s guitarist, Richie Sambora, and the singer ended up dumping her.

Barts for the past few days during the holiday season.

Up next on Jake‘s film slate is , where he stars as a runner who lost both of his legs during the Boston marathon bombing. 10 pictures inside of Jake Gyllenhaal and Greta Caruso on the beach…

How would it be dating a celebrity like Jon Bon Jovi?

It is said that men cannot do more than one unrelated thing at the same time.

Justin Bieber & Jon Bon Jovi Stolen: About 0,000 in concert earnings When...

Read Full Story Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi, and Prince William (Getty)Talk about a musical collaboration fit for royalty.

It often seems that the only rules they follow are the ones based on the old-school motto: sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll, and this is applied when it comes to their dating history as well.


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