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As part of working with open source software on OS X, it’s often convenient to use a package manager to install open source packages.Good package managers are useful because they handle downloading the open source software you want, make sure that any related software dependencies get handled, and make it easy to keep the software you installed up to date.Included in the binary package set is the , making it very easy to add, upgrade, and remove packages.

Net checkout -P pkgsrc It's also possible to contribute through pkgsrc wip (work in progress), for more information, see Please see doc/for information.

With 17,000 packages being constantly updated and changed, producing a full Change Log would be an exercise in futility and not very helpful.

pkgsrc is released every quarter, and the current release is 2014Q2.

The pkgsrc guide is packed with information about the internals of pkgsrc, and is useful if you would like to dig deeper and start hacking.

To use, bootstrap using: % cd pkgsrc/bootstrap/ % ./bootstrap build packages, use: % cd pkgsrc/category/package-name % $PREFIX/bin/bmake install Where $PREFIX is where you've chosen to install packages (typically /usr/pkg) Bugs and patches can be filed in the follow link (use category 'pkg'): https://

gndb=netbsd To fetch the main CVS repository: % cvs -d [email protected]

Please give it a spin and provide feedback so the main 1.3 release can be great!

Here are the major changes in the pkgsrc-2013Q4 release: We have updated the default versions for a number of core packages, they are: The reason for the Lua default going backwards is that 5.2 is incompatible in a number of ways from 5.1, and there are still a reasonable number of modules which do not yet work with 5.2.

The most recent bulk build report is available here and shows which packages are failing along with their build logs.

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