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The regal horned lizard is a small, flat lizard about the size of the palm of a man's hand.Though it has spikes all around its body, the regal horn’s main defense is the ability to squirt blood from its eyes.More far-out gifts may be found in the Earth to Sky store.

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To help pay for the trip, they launched a payload full of reindeer pendents to the edge of space--and you can have one for $129.95.

The pendants traveled to the Arctic stratosphere alongside an array of cosmic ray sensors.

Launching from the frozen surface of Lake Torneträsk near Abisko, Sweden, the payload soared into a crystal-clear blue sky illuminated by the recently-risen springtime sun.

Each glittering pendant comes with a greeting card showing the jewelry in flight and telling the story of its journey 97,000 feet above the Lapland of Northern Sweden.

The southern season for noctilucent clouds began on Nov. Come back to this spot every day to see the "daily daisy" from NASA's AIM spacecraft, which is monitoring the dance of electric-blue around the Antarctic Circle.

A G1-class geomagnetic storm is underway on March 21st as a high-speed stream of solar wind buffets Earth's magnetic field.

The crescent is easy to see in small telescopes and binoculars.

The Venus-sun distance will be least on March 25th.

They are now responsible for finding and hunting for their own food.

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