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Braxton-Hicks contractions are painless normal contractions in the second half of pregnancy that don’t cause your cervix to open.Occasionally, though, even painless contractions can be a sign of preterm labor.

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I had a tightening in my lower abdomen for a few seconds, then it was over, but it hasn’t happened since.

Answer: You are correct—you probably had a contraction. One way to figure out if this is a contraction is to feel your lower abdomen with your hand.

Let me tell you about normal contractions, and signs that you can watch for to be sure you aren’t having preterm labor (which this doesn’t sound like at all! Contractions usually feel like a balling up or tightening sensation over your lower abdomen, or sometimes in your back. During a contraction, your uterus will become hard (usually for less than a minute) and then will relax and return to normal.

Those surveyed came from a pool that included workers from Cathay Pacific, British Airways, and United Airlines.

Fifty-nine percent of harassment came from passengers, and 41 percent from their colleagues.

Read more: How Hotels Are Capitalizing on Women's Fears of Traveling Alone"When a passenger touches me inappropriately, I might wonder if it's worth having authorities meet the flight? "Wouldn't I rather just get to the hotel and get some sleep instead of sticking around the airport to file an official complaint—or worse, cause a delay for my next flight because I have less than an hour to run to the next gate before boarding?

It's easy to brush this off when you think you'll never see the person again.

"She reported it, but she was told by the authorities [either airport security or the destination country's police] that they couldn't do anything, because she was a flight attendant, not a passenger or a minor.

The message is: ."Photo by Simone Becchetti via Stocksy Kate*, a cabin crew worker in her 20s, was propositioned by a much older male colleague when they were off-duty in the destination country (also known as down route).

However, there is still the expectation from both passengers and airline companies that female cabin crew must present a certain image."At work, I hear comments all the time about flight attendants being old or fat.


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