Liquidating a retail store

In the accounting world, liquidation refers to the process of selling all of a company’s assets to generate cash to pay off creditors, or anyone the company owes money to. Other business assets that could be liquidated include: Liquidation sales often occur as part of a bankruptcy filing, but not necessarily.A business could liquidate most or all of its inventory as part of a move to a new location, thereby saving money on having to transport all of it to a new storefront.

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Because liquidated products are sold at a substantial discount to original wholesale prices, this presents a great business opportunity to resellers of liquidated products.

Liquidated products often sell for less that 20% of their original wholesale prices. Additionally, many leading brands protect their distribution channels and do not sell products to small resellers or exporters.

Some liquidators are retailers, too, such as Big Lots, Tuesday Morning, and Ollie’s.

These companies buy leftover inventory for a fraction of their retail value and then resell the goods in their own stores, generally for less than the full retail value, but more than they paid for them.

and can be capable of liquidation in retail stores by retailing which is one of the liquidation procedures stated in the Customs Law No. Address of the Ministry as shown below, there are five retail stores which are: two in Istanbul (Erenkoy and Sirkeci), Ankara, Izmir and Kocaeli.

) and also it is possible to reach directly from the General Directorate of Liquidation Services website ( When you select the “Retail Sales Query” screen which is in the "Sales Query" section in the web site of our General Directorate, it is possible to access information of what kind / brand / model of goods will be sold at which time and the information of inventory quantities.

This inevitably leads to a situation where the company is unable to continue in business.

Irish Insolvency provide free consultations and can advise directors on their options.

The biggest downside of inventory liquidation is that, in many cases, the timetable for liquidating assets is short, so the discounts are steep and the cash earned is much lower than the retail value.


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