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You do what he did, and make a police report with whatever evidence you have.“The trading of those photos is not prove of pedophilia but part of the proof that it is on-going and may lead to something deeper.Report the abuse to the Accident & Emergency (A&E) unit, or to the hospital’s One-Stop Crisis Centre (OSCC).

But what we haven’t seen is what you’re supposed to do when you’ve found one, as in the case above. From there, you have a few options: you can either head to a government hospital first for an examination, or you can head straight to the police station to make a police report.

“If the abuse has just occurred, within 48 hours, and the child is in pain/clearly traumatized, you can bring the child straight to the hospital for medical treatment and inform the doctors that you suspect child abuse,” Datin Nariza explains.

This comes hot on the heels of news that MARA scholar Nur Fitri Nordin served only 9 months of the 5-year jail sentence handed to him by the British courts, and now currently lives as a free man in Malaysia.

It’s enough to make anyone who has, loves, or heck, even KNOWS any children feel ill (this writer certainly felt like she needed a shower and a hug after researching and writing this article).

Afterwards, the child will be admitted for a bunch of tests and assessments that include a general physical exam and a gynaecological exam if needed, blood tests, x-rays, and any other necessary special investigations, and to ascertain the child’s psychological state.

The hospital will provide any medical reports and information necessary to the Welfare Department and the Police as they require it.

And don’t worry – in either case, the law protects your right to confidentiality, and your name will not be released to anyone without your written consent, or a direct court order.

What if, as in the case of Syed Azmi mentioned above, you only have a screenshot of disturbing comments and images, where nothing may have happened – yet?

However, there are a few existing laws that can be applied to pedophiles here.

“The usual laws that would apply is section 376(1) of the Penal Code which criminalizes the offence of rape,” explains Fahri.

Currently, they are treated as any other criminal offender,” says CILISOS. That explains why someone like Nur Fitri, despite having thousands of disturbing images stored on his hard drive, is able to live a relatively normal life here.


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