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Over the last few days I have been shopping at the VS store and Easton and Eastland mall (Columbus, Ohio) because they had had a wicket sale!

With that said I have spent 400.00 or more in three days!

I then said, "Mama can you please stop following me, you're making me uncomfortable." She said she was just doing her job! And I asked the girl that was checking me out what was her name and who was the manager.

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Maybe 5 second after that ** came asked me the same thing.

I told her no I was fine just looking, but if I needed some help I would definitely come grab one of them for some help.

If you’re anything above a B cup your boobs will definitely draw attention. But whether you’re looking to go to a pool party or on a vacation, if you’re looking for a swimsuit that’s going to make you stand out – I highly recommend this one. No worries, I was told to use my bank card and I would be reimbursed. 2 months later and I'm yet to be refunded, I've been charged twice and haven't even received my order (is was sent a completely different order).

I've been constantly emailing VS and eshop who both tell me to contact each other and I'm getting nowhere.

So I went to the Eastland mall yesterday, still had my pajamas on just so I could get the last of the Dream lotions that were there along with some more Temptation.

When I walked into the store I was greeted by a store clerk who asked me if I needed some help with anything in which I told her no. She then said okay let me know if you need anything.The padding in them is expertly placed so that they really don’t look as padded as they are. I have worn the bra all three ways (both straps, one strap, and no straps) and for the most part it did exactly what it was supposed to do.As far as appearance of the bra itself, overtime they can start to look a little frayed if you don’t wash and dry them correctly. With the strapless wear I was a little disappointed that the lift wasn’t exactly where I wanted it to be. I’ve worn them in public pools, private pools, hot tubs, and the ocean and I have yet to be disappointed.But throughout the entire event I was at my cleavage looked great and the bra stayed in place all night. They stay in place and I felt completely secure no matter what I was doing (surfing, diving, etc.). I bought my first one in high school and my second one in college and they both still look brand new and the fit is still top notch. They both have cute designs and look good against my skin tone, my issue is with the padding.The padding in the swimsuits isn’t as subtle as the padding in the bras. I wanted to used an e gift card I was given for Christmas but apparently you can't use it in Aus." (I had a MCM backpack on with not only body mist but also lotion from a prior purchase over the weekend) so I said "Are you NOW accusing me of stealing? " NEVER IN MY LIFE have I been so humiliated and never again will it happen again!

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