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I think they changed their formula b/c they don't support that much AND they get runs in them too easily.

I went through 4 pairs, thinking they were my fault, before I realized that at the end of the day, the feet don't look they could walk away on their own.

For someone who experiences some swelling in my ankles due to a medication I need, that is a real treat.

I can still have access to nice hosiery with support without ordering them from the medical supply store looking and broadcasting my infirmities on a day where the focus is on the happy couple.

I have worn them everyday and I even wore them through my pregnancy.

(I cut a hole in the stomach panel and wore them until my 8th month - at which point I started wrapping my legs).

I really just assumed the slight darkness in the photo was just lighting related, but it really is that dark in decent lighting. After I got over looking at the too dark coloration, I did find that they moved comfortably, I didn't notice the texture too terribly without actually moving my skin across it in some manner.

They stretched and moved well, so, while they are comfortable enough to wear, I would certainly hope no one intended to rub against my leg because they may mistake it for burlap.

As far as their care goes, washing by hand with the hosiery wash from Spanx will give them the longest life.

They can be washed in a lingerie bag in a gentle cycle in the washing machine but do not last as long.

As you might expect, this made putting them on less than pleasant.

I put one foot in first and immediately noticed how tight they were (think ted support socks for edema - if that's what you're looking for, you're in the right place).

Not happy that these can only be returned in unworn condition.

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