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Think of a house with water leaking through the roof.

I know you love your husband very much but I’ve noticed you seem very upset with him lately.

I don’t mean to pry but I just wanted to let you know that I am concerned about you and your happiness.”e.g.

Last week I wrote about the “Benefits of Daylight Saving Time”, and this week I wish to comment on a companion visionary idea/solution, and …

Yet another dating-themed trending Twitter hashtag has surfaced; and this one centers on people unforgivingly sharing the intimate faults, quirks, and otherwise helpless personality traits of their exes, in a fine display of not leaving the past in the past.

Can't help but give a shoutout to the scathing tweet that draws a savage parallel between bacon and someone else's ex.

All participants of Complete Me events will be verified with Registry of Marriages to ensure that everyone is legally single.Read More » Re: Proposal for date change for Cayman Carnival Batabano and Braccanal I would greatly appreciate if you would allow me the opportunity to respond to the article that was published in the edition of Friday 26th August as per the above reference. Read More » Dear Editor, Re: Proposal for date changes for Cayman Carnival Batabano and Braccanal We would like to propose a date change for both of our Carnivals here in the Cayman Islands to enhance our entertainment tourism product for both Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. Read More » Cissy came to Cayman initially to impart her skill and knowledge of credit unions.She loved the place and brought wealth to start a business and she left us a legacy.Server that hosts located in on exact coordinates (latitude) and (longitude). Due to the value placed on keeping personal matters within the family, South Asians are often hesitant to talk to professionals, friends, fellow students, teachers or coworkers about what they are struggling with in their private life.Read More » Dear Editor: Your Viewpoint article of Tuesday, 31 May, 2016 applied the negative term “failing facility” to Cayman Turtle Farm. Read More » Dear Editor RE: Recent Amendments to the National Pensions Law – give them a chance to work It seems that those who are petitioning against the amendments to the National Pensions Law (NPL), which was recently passed in the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly, may have a deficit of facts, especially …


  1. The investment has paid off: Rozner expects sales to exceed

  2. Think of a house with water leaking through the roof.

  3. million this year."Singles are always looking for new ways to meet," says Rozner. It gives the most comprehensive forum for interacting, screening and meeting.