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I recently acquired a beautiful Ludwig snare drum and would like some help in dating it. It's a 5 X 14 all metal snare, two pieces welded together so there is a center bead. The strainer is slightly bent but still functional. The "Ludwig Chicago" logo is engraved just to the left of the strainer. The clip mounts are all original with none broken or even cracked!

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I want to thank the many forum members who reported their drums and particularly mlayton, zenstat and K. who shared large volumes of information and/or pictures from their collections. Gretsch Drum Dating (click on the Ludwig Serial Number Projects tab). If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Rick __________________ Collecting information about the following for ongoing research projects: Gretsch drums with serial numbers, Ludwig Keystone and B/O badge drums with serial numbers and date stamps, Ludwig Standards from 1968-73, and Ludwigs with paper labels from 1971-72

Check the badge shape to give you an indication of year (refer to the drum badge page on this website) and the serial no. I may be wrong but i suspect the white enamel was a custom job which may or may not add to the value. floral De Luxe that someone buffed to brass and then painted, look under the Restorations section and you'll see the before and after..guy does amazing work) sure that the hardware is gold or is it Artgold (copper plating with gold lacquer)?

..plating was a factory option though...depending on what you are into the drum for it may be worth the 300.00-400.00 to send the shell to AK Drums for restoration, then clean up the hardware and bring another dead De Luxe (Black Beauty) back to life.

This snare has a rounded corner Blue/Olive badge # 2,103,020.

So it is 89,483 later than the numbers given on the guides?Older drum heads were on the drum but they were quite broken and have since been discarde. I won't tell you how much I paid for the lot because it was a steal.Any help from Ludwig experts would be greatly appreciated. are you sure its a Black Beauty, with that white enamel?? They did come with etched patterns on the 'special' models, which revealed the brass shell underneath (but confusingly i have read that some BB's were brass, some bronze). Without photos we are all blind on this one..per your description it sounds like a mid 1920s L&L 8 lug scroll (wave) De Luxe that has been painted white...(I just got an L&L 6.5x14 12 pt. The butt plate, strainer, hoops, tube lugs, and tension rods are all gold plated.From my readings, I believe this drum is the De Luxe model but I can't figure out the year.If you have seen my Gretsch paper, you will recognize the approach.


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