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Not harsh, not loud, not mean-would rather walk away than fight and argue.

Hmm, about me - I enjoy computer games, hard work, time in nature and travel. I'm a nerd without the social phobias that some have, I'm a flirt because that's how I learned to talk to women.

I'm not looking for the 7 Dwarfs, Just looking for some fun....

also i love to hear about crazy sexual experiences so inbox me so we can trade stories , or if you live in sd county we can arrange some ... Anyway im looking for Rp, I'm married so hope your ok with that.

My names Kayla, I'm 25 and looking to have some fun chatting to people on here.

mentally challenged and unstable motherfucker specialising on older bi's ;p likes~ porn vids pics/gifs dirty milfs, cougars eager sluts Asian, black cocks and pussy cocks!!! I also like outer spacey stuff so another nickname I have is Starshine.

But best of all they are horny and live on their cam.

Happily married (hard to believe, but true), but looking for some additional mental stimulation from intelligent and creative women. I've learned that we should be careful with whom we trust.... If I don't respond, please forgive me and don't take it personally. I believe most of you remember me, If you were on my friend list please feel free to add me. This place can be such a release valve with the right person.... I ache to connect and share with someone...experiment...explore....share that beautiful release I'm Hana.

Let's please chat or message first before sending a friend invitation. Experienced Chicago area Bull, always open to chatting with with wives , girlfriends, and couples. Sex is about power.” - Oscar Wilde (Formerly Dorm Room Don Juan) == Results from == 99%... LESBIAN AND LESBIAN AND LESBIAN Blonde with blue eyes, 178cm, 68Kg. I was happily married till one day one of my students turned me into a lesbian. I'm not trying to be rude, dismissive or anything of the sort. Just an always horny fucker wanting some online fun.... I have brown hair and blue eyes, tall with curvy body and all the accessories. I like bananas so my friends call me Hana Banana, hehehe.

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