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Every group also has its own email address to help its members stay in touch with each other.

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Google Groups is a free service which helps groups of people communicate effectively using email and the Web.

Every group has a home page hosted by Google where members can start new discussions or reply to older topics.

Dai, as you were no doubt stationed with the "Bomber's" 38 squadron in Malta (1941-1967).

While discussing the pros and cons of St Georges bay, regarding the beach, a lot has changed since I lived in Paceville back in the 60's, there was no beach to talk about.

Will everyone please stop saying how wonderful Gnejna bay is, I don't want it too crowded next time I go there.

The first time I went there was nothing there apart from proper sand and sea, about half a dozen 'natives'.

Up until the 1970’s considered to be the most common and dangerous.

Consistent immigration has also varied the opportunity for prostitutes and areas such as Marsa and other North harbour towns are good breeding grounds if you want to have some sex on the cheap, perhaps with black women.

Would have any interest in using the grit in their construction plans. In case you missed my comment before it "vanished".


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