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I always was...: O) Actually, this sounds as much like my daughter as me.She pretty much lays the law down to her boyfriends.

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Do anything inappropriate with, or to my daughter and I’ll use you to fertilize my garden.

I’ll have great tomatoes next year, and no one will ever find you”. Either they came in to meet me (I don’t care if it’s a date or just a bunch of kids going bowling) or my child wasn’t going anywhere.

:) But we lied and told him it was a joke, it wasn’t. He was a perfect gentleman on that date and on prom night. When it comes to sex, I am the barrier, and I will kill you. Cindie My dad was a detroit cop during the 30’s 40’s and retired in 1950. My dates had to meet him, he was usually laying in bed reading a book and would conviently have this huge gun laying beside him on the bed....never had any problems with boys...

Normally he was “Handy Andy”, as reported later by other girls. :) Now I have a “Serious Social Purposes” Shotgun that I will be cleaning, God Wiling, when some boys comes to pick up my granddaughters, in 9 to 11 years. Maybe we both should be cleaning guns, when the guys come to pick up the twins? He wouldn’t even look up for the book and just say have her home by 10 oclock....

My daughter is putting on her makeup, a process that can take longer than painting the Golden Gate Bridge.

Instead of just standing there, why don't you do something useful, like changing the oil in my car? Do you have an earring, nose ring, __Yes __No pierced tongue, pierced cheek or a belly button ring?(you might watch your back) When my daughter brought her first date home, I made sure I was cleaning my Glock in the living room and said to him:"Young man, please be kind to my daughter, because if you aren't, I don't mind going to prison again! Same guy who retired from special forces as an 05 and has a son who graduated a few years ago from West Point. LOL I feel sorry for this little girls "boyfriends! She'll be lucky if she has a steady BF by the time she's a high school senior! They're dad/daughter activities included each of them getting black belts in Karate and then competing.Imagine being a retired special forces officer and then becoming a competitive black belt.Otherwise, once you have gone out with my little girl, you will continue to date no one but her until she is finished with you. Rule Seven : As you stand in my front hallway, waiting for my daughter to appear, and more than an hour goes by, do not sigh and fidget.If you want to be on time for the movie, you should not be dating.Rule Four : I'm sure you've been told that in today's world, sex without utilizing a "barrier method" of some kind can kill you.

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