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These are necessary questions you should ask yourself to be sure you’re on the right path.A few of the most popular dating sites are Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Okcupid, Zoosk, Eharmony, and Match.Ann-Kim is an Outreach Coordinator at AOD marketing, as well as a student at Concordia University, majoring in Public affairs with a minor in Art History.

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Abstain from using blurry photos, or overly edited photos.

Your photos should be attention grabbing and say something about you and your interests. Here are also a few other sources that go into great detail about optimizing your online dating profile: .

Again, your profile photos should be in line with your brand.

Having clear and recent photos of yourself are a must.

Since the app has fewer features than services like and Plenty of Fish, having an attention grabbing profile is even more crucial – but we’ll get to that shortly.

Once you’ve determined your objectives and selected an online dating platform that speaks to these, the real marketing begins.Research the different online dating platforms to get an idea of who their target market is, and then search within that site to make sure it has the type of fish you’re looking to catch.If the catch that day wasn’t as great as you hoped, it’s ok to cast a few different nets (ie.With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many are turning to less conventional dating methods like online dating.Everyone knows these services exist and I bet you can name at least one couple you know that met online.Avoid clichés and lists of demands in what you expect in a person. Try to keep your description short, and possibly have a friend look over it.


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