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That’s totally understandable too and it just goes to show how everyday folks have been caught up in this mess.

Many people wanted to inspect the data for themselves, but with no knowledge of Tor or how torrents work (let alone the ability to then decipher the contents of My SQL scripts), most were left struggling: I have downloaded the dumps, but I am not very handy so I’m not finding anything relevant at the moment.

Not just asking questions, but often giving me their life stories as well.

These stories shed a very interesting light on the incident, one that most people are not privy to and one that doesn’t come across in the sensationalist news stories which have flooded every media outlet in recent days.

Following from the previous point, in desperation to find information, some people were resorting to downloading what they We always see this pattern: a serious international event happens (i.e.

the recent Malaysia Airlines crashes) and immediately after we see nefarious individuals attempting to monetise either the pain of victims or the curiosity of onlookers.At the time of writing, there has been no direct communication with members that I’m aware of, no notification on the front page of in fact the site still talks about “discreet encounters”, “trusted security” and “100% discreet service”.The way they’ve handled this incident has been appalling – it’s as if they’ve just stuck their fingers in their ears and sung “lalalalalala”. I found it odd that Avid Life Media felt compelled to issue a statement that solely focussed on no financial data being compromised.Discovering it via Tor or downloading the torrent isn’t particularly hard, but actually parsing the files and combing through the personal data spread across multiple tables is no simple task.For your average person, setting out to try and do this poses another risk altogether…They just need something on the site, someone to make them climax like they haven’t climax in years.

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