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PM 10/16/16, This is when I said "fair enough, I did all within my power to avoid litigation.

May God have mercy on your soul." (Since then I have been seeking legal counsel and representation, preparing and compiling evidence for a thorough case file.) PM 10/16/16.

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Yet, I found that when I was blocked from communicating with her, it also blocked my access to the already posted conversation thread.

I had no access to retrieve what I'd actually said. Next, I drafted an email for the administration, (hereafter referred to as ADMIN) of the Mingle2 site; to request either access to the thread, (even if the communication block remained) or to be sent/emailed a copy of the thread, or communication/conversational transcript.

When we look at the data, mingle2has 14,937 rank in the world wide web.

This website has Google Page Rank - out of 10 maximum. This website hosted on San Francisco, United States to the world.

We’ve seen members summarily banned and deleted for all sorts of things, such as complaining on chat boards, identifying as transgender, or even stating that they weren’t Christian.

This site will ban you for ANYTHING, and you’ll never get the opportunity to contest it.Somehow he opened up an account for me in Federal Navy Credit Union and wants me to withdraw "his" money from the account and keep some and send some to Nigeria. Some of fake profile pics with models on them, which is so fake, it's laughable.Many I've encountered said in are from the States, but out of town at Africa for business.At PM they sent me an email to Activate my new account, in lieu of the one they deleted; which had much of the evidence against them.At PM (same day) their support staff deliberately blocked my attempts to contact; and at PM (same day) claimed they had neither deleted the original account or blocked the email.I am a disabled guy who was online looking for a new caregiver. I've been on here a few months now and I encountered a lot of scammers.


  1. Services may be subject to customs office girl in my life including.

  2. This shocking revelation swirls through his mind as he comes to conclusion if he cannot have her no one can!

  3. Her harassment became so bad that Mark finally contacted the Los Angeles Police to solicit their assistance in stopping her calls.

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  5. As I advised a single male officer in a previous column, be sure to check your attitude as you look for a mate to share your life abroad.

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