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A pregnant mom in South Carolina donned a giraffe mask to spoof the long wait. SEE MORE: Reminder: Your Electronic Voting Machine Is Super Hackable According to KTRK, the mother, identified only as Jennifer, says someone hacked a security camera she put in her twin daughters' bedroom. That person had been streaming video of everything happening inside that room for the whole world to see."People are watching my kids in their home, dressing, sleeping, playing," Jennifer told local station KTRK.There was clearly a distraction, whether it was by using the phone or not looking up, it was clear the defendant didn't see the slowing vehicles in front of him for a period of something like 45 seconds.'It is not just phone calls and texts.

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As for this latest incident, a security company was able to track the hack and believes it originated from a video game one of Jennifer's daughters was playing.

She says she's currently beefing up her security system and that the girls are no longer allowed online.

Outside the court, Aimee's mother, Kate Goldsmith (pictured centre) and Adam Pearson (pictured far left), who was also injured in the crash when Kroker's lorry smashed into his Mazda, said the sentence was too light.

Ms Goldsmith was comforted by Josh and Ethan's father Doug Houghton (pictured right) while she read out a statement.

And the threat goes beyond just security camera footage.

Hackers can also get access to baby monitors and speak to young children late at night.

She added: '[Aimee] wanted to be a vet of sorts, someone that looked after animals and talked about her having her own place where animals could go.

She had a kitten for Christmas and his name is Vimto and Vimto loves and misses her very much.'I was getting ready for bed and I heard someone outside and I thought it was strange because I expected Jake and Aimee to have gone back to their dad's but I still hadn't heard from them and I went down to open the door and it was the police.''I continue to see drivers using their phones - it sickens me.

If they had seen the devastation they brought my family or to other families by breaking the law, using phones illegally, distracting themselves from driving a potential weapon would they be as sickened as we are.' Defending, James Rozier said Kroker - whose partner was in court- understood the 'unfathomable' harm he had caused, that he himself wanted justice to be done and offered his 'regret and remorse' to those affected.

Mr Ward-Jackson said: 'The Corsa was forced under the rear of the lorry, pushing the back of the lorry into the air, and crushing the roof of the Corsa so that it is little exaggeration to say that this small car, containing four people, was, in an instant, reduced to something like a third of its natural size.'He added: 'It is a particularly distressing feature that the two surviving members of the family were in the car behind, and a 13-year-old boy was forced to witness at close range the deaths of four members of close family.' The vehicle's two dash cams show the horrifying moments before and during impact.

HOUSTON – A Texas mother called it her “worst nightmare” – a hacked webcam in her daughters’ bedroom streaming everything live online.


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