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After dining, the restaurant car with its bar service is an ideal place to enjoy a drink while marvelling at the vast Russian and Mongolian scenery or socialising with your fellow passengers.

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The journey provides the opportunity of travelling all the way from Moscow to Beijing — through Siberia, to Lake Baikal and from Mongolia to China — with a choice of six compartment categories!

Our threefold guide system along with a guest relations manager and a doctor on the train guarantees a once in a lifetime travel experience. A broad range of routes as well as flexible options and destinations allow you to tailor your own journey through China and Mongolia to your particular interests and to explore the regions along the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway.

We will be waiting in arrival area with a person name plate in our hands and smile on the face.

from the center to airport: We speak English We are educated and well-behaved We drive safely We perfectly know Moscow and best routes We can plan for you trips with time and distance calculation We use comfortable, safe and spacious vans Ford Galaxy Children carseats available on preorder We provide payment slip in English We accept bank payment for pre-ordered trips Send us your exact or approximate schedule We will calculate and send you back financial plan with your detailed travel plan including timing and distances based on Google Maps.

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Travel All Russia is the leading travel agency in North America specializing in travel to Russia.

Agora BT is a leading tour operator for Eastern Europe and Russia.

More about Sapsans Globe-trotters use our service because we arrange tickets for any stretch of the entire route from Berlin to Beijing, even for the most complex legs such as Mongolia.

Special Ticket Package ➤ Read more This website allows you to book Russian rail tickets on any trains in Russia, Baltics and Eastern Europe.

Benefit from our almost 30 years of experience on the Trans-Siberian Railway, with over 600 sucessful tours.


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