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You can check out the list below, watch the video for the whole thing.10.

This is not the same as saying as I think Yes is the best band I'm familiar with; they never made an album that I'd give a perfect score, and while they made many that I'd rate highly, the fact that I can name so many albums that I like more than my favorite Yes albums has to mean something.

My opinion (as well as the opinions of the group's often ravenous fans) aside, though, Yes really gets a lot of hateful press.

In particular, his epics on CTTE, Tales, and Relayer, believe it or not, really do have meaning and tell actual stories.

It takes a few readings to realize it, but after a while, something clicks in your mind and you actually begin to get it, whatever "it" is.

Yup, I've been an obsessive fan since 1998, and even as my music collection has continued to expand and diversify, the band's hold on my mind has remained, and I find it hard to see a scenario in which that would change.

For many readers, this will ring familiar: the title has often been given to "quirky" groups such as They Might be Giants or even fellow prog-rockers like Rush, but I would argue that Yes is the #1 cult group of the rock era.

I love how their members tended to be superb instrumentalists, not just in raw technical ability but in terms of style and flair.

They were one of the most accessible "weird" bands ever and one of the least accessible "normal" bands ever, and that is a state of being I can really dig.

If "fan" is taken in its meaning of the term "fanatic," though, there'd really be no contest.

It's one thing to own all of a band's studio albums; it's another to seek out all of its live albums, and bootlegs from as many tours as possible (and often multiple bootlegs from the same tour), and multiple concert DVD's, and a good chunk of solo material from the various members, even when I expect it to stink.

Just because guys are still in the League shouldn’t preclude them from being selected.

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