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When filling out the V55/5 form for such a vehicle, enter ‘Historic’ in the taxation class box.

Vehicles built before 1960 are also exempted from the annual MOT technical inspection.

In the UK the vehicle identity and the registration papers go with the frame number.

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If the engine is from a different year to the frame then the bike may be registered to the year of the frame and shown as having a replacement engine.

Machines are easiest to register if in essentially stock condition, but it may still be possible to register bobbers to the year of the original frame.

After 1939, the plate number begins with 2 letters and not a number. To add a bit more on early motorcycling, the "Messenger" tandem seat seems to be the choice for pre- 1933 Harleys and most others(US), available within H-D "accessory catalog", with pillion for luggage carrier. ) was positioned directly over the rear wheel, added to catalog.

You do see a "few" tandems on '15 and later bikes(mostly those with sidecars), lots of racks(without cushions), do not recall a tandem on anything pre '15, the shorter boardtrack type frames, catalog anyone?

Choppers are considered to have frames sufficiently altered as to count as new machines.

The DVLA requires vehicle inspectors to be satisfied that the vehicle exists and that it carries the relevant numbers. It may be recently rebuilt, but must not be of modern manufacture.As a bonus, the Triumph dates to April-September 1936, which dates your photo to some time later than mid-1936.Regarding the licence plate (VIC 20-157), this plate was issue in Victoria, Australia between 19.The dating certificate may then also be sent to the DVLA as part of the registration process.The result should be an age-Vehicles built prior to 1974 are classed as Historic and do not pay Road Tax.Do not ask AMCA Europe for dating certificates for machines with reproduction frames.

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