Movie tips for dating girls

When you're taking a girl out for a date at the movies, there's a fine line to be drawn between scary and creepy (fondling her a wee bit too soon) and just boring (sweaty palms, not approaching her at all).So how do you walk that fine line from first date to second date?

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Don’t: Sit within an errant-strand-of-saliva’s-shot of other audience members. Don’t: Do that tacky yawn and stretch and oops-now-my-hand-is-around-your-shoulder thing.

Do: Coincidentally reach into the jumbo popcorn bag at the same time she does to initiate physical contact. Don’t: Worry so much about your damp palms; it will only make them damper. Or any other maneuver that accomplishes the same result, which is invariably uncomfortable for both parties.

It's really easy for the mind to drift during endless conversations about her friends and her hobbies and her summer on Uncle Hugo's radish farm, but , you heartless jerk?! If she likes Gerard Butler, you like Gerard Butler.

Didn’t you hear anything I said about Scarlett Johansson swindling my uncle out of his radish farm?!? It doesn't matter if you think his face resembles a potato with stubble: the goal is to prove that you're not like every inconsiderate tool she's dated, so suck it up and humor her preferences. Butler's tragic slide into rom-com territory—and if you don’t, take comfort: by the time you go to the movies again, your date will have moved onto another heartthrob, and Mr. Refuse to pay for her ticket ("What's the big deal?

Be sure to show off your easygoing attitude so he'll know his pals will totally dig your presence.6. That way he knows you're on the same're guaranteed a date number two.

Tarantula farms, crabmeat salad factories, and historically significant cemeteries all fall into the “bad locations for dates” category.

To get Mother Approval right away, hold off on the F-bombs and plunging tops until the third or fourth date, when he already knows you're capable of at least pretending you're a perfect angel. If you're critical of the food, mean to the waitress, or uptight in any way, he'll conclude that you might be a drag around his boys. And while most men won't try to sleep with you on the first date—they know enough to play the respectful guy card—they are still looking for affirmation that you also feel some chemistry and won't hold off on hooking up soon.

Not only is it a turnoff, he'll get crap from them about it, and he doesn't want that. So if you're feeling it, give him a subtle signal—like an upper-arm or wrist touch or a flirty smile.

Don’t: See a movie that has just hit theaters and is thus likely to open to a packed house.

Plus: Freshman Mistakes: “I Totally Put The Armrest Down” Do: Rom-coms and horror movies. Remember the ire that Jerry drew after he and his girlfriend made out during Do: Sit in the most remote, isolated corner of the theater.

It’s dark, relatively quiet and you’re sure to attract the lascivious stares of about four or five nondescript middle-aged men in trenchcoats — how could she say no to romance like that?!

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