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With Track Changes turned on, each person's edits are noted and can be easily reviewed by the person ultimately responsible for the document.

That person—the one with whom the document originally started and will eventually end—uses the Accept or Reject Changes feature to review each change and judge whether it should be accepted or not.

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Most of these clients have staff using Microsoft Office applications—and most Office users, sooner or later, have had some odd experiences within these applications.

Whether onsite at the client’s office or by phone or messaging from our remote help desk, RSEs field a wide array of questions about Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point, One Note, and the rest of the Office suite.

The second user is able to work normally, but the first user is only notified of a second user when they try to save the file.

After the first user tries to save it seems that excel is creating an owner file (ie.

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What is happening is that a user will be working in one of the files when another user then opens the same file from their computer.

The first user is not notified that another user has opened the file, and the second user is not notified that someone else is already working on this file.

The team member ultimately responsible for the document can then read the comments and resolve any issues contained therein.

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It is not unusual for people to work together in "teams" in today's business environment.


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