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We aim for a 90% 5 star service rating with all our service offerings. If you’ve come to us with an issue, or query, we want you to go away thinking, “I’m really blown away by that experience, I was expecting average and what I got really changed my perception of what it could be.

And I think that adding community chat, real-time response can only strengthen that experience.”“Don’t be afraid to let your customers talk on your behalf.

There’s always a worry that people are going to say things that you don’t want them to. If you’re doing the right thing with your products and your service – being transparent, being Naked – customers will follow suit!

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“From our experience within our Customer Happiness Team, we’ve seen that people really respond to the immediacy they get with live chat, that they don’t get with email or telephone call.

We’ve got our groups and forums where people can talk but somebody might have a specific query which an Archangel, in our case, would be in a perfect position to answer.If the conversation turns out to be a customer service issue they don’t know the answer to, that’s not an issue, they can always transfer the chat to our Customer Happiness Team.But when it comes to questions about the wines they love, Archangels are actually in a much better position to answer those questions in real-time.We also wanted to reduce the volume of incoming emails we get; this is part of improving customer experience globally, which is always at the forefront of everything we do, it’s why we exist.We want to ensure people get the answers they’re looking for as quickly as possible and from experts that can really help them.”“We wanted to make visitors aware of all the advantages of becoming an Angel.Internal server errors can occur for multiple reasons.

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