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Hats do not appear in your friends list or the Mii Studio. Street Pass settings are in the options for each game that uses it, so ease-of-use will vary by title. The indicator light for online friends and Street Pass doesn't always turn on when it should be.

No, there currently isn't any private messaging to people on your friend list.

Exporting and scanning Mii QR codes is how you would add Miis to the Mii Studio.

If you'd have told us back in 2008 that we'd soon be playing this new, incredible-looking fighter on a handheld smaller than a notebook, frankly we'd tell you to do one." Originally Posted by Famitsu/1UP (9/8/8/9, 34 points): "The way you can use the touch screen to launch even charge moves in an instant is actually kind of revolutionary for the series, a change that I think could lead to some neat new tactics.

Despite that, the controls can still be very difficult at times, even with the ability to redefine buttons.

It's a natural progression for the series, 3D support included." Originally Posted by Tom Bramwell, Eurogamer (8/10): "Once you penetrate beyond the first few hours of torpid "Basic" races and start earning the praise continually heaped on you regardless by the game's obsequious announcer lady, this is a Ridge Racer experience that could be unlike any other.

It has the pace, it has a solid structure and it has a new edge thanks to that magic 3D slider." Originally Posted by Famitsu/1UP (8/8/7/9, 32 points): "The courses are full of floaty jumps and other gimmicks to get you inside the game more.

Can we now simply scan a Mii QR code with the 3DS camera, and not have to input the long Friend Codes?

No, scanning QR codes simply adds custom Miis to the Mii Studio, not the Mii Plaza or friend list.

Do you get the other person's Mii into the Mii Plaza by exchanging Friend Codes?

No, exchanging Friend Codes adds a person's Mii and profile to the friend list, not the Mii Studio or Mii Plaza. You get puzzle pieces from new people you meet through Street Pass.

With the launch of the 3DS in Japan, it's time for a thread to discuss its launch there! Will I be able to use my old Wii/Nintendo Points on the e Shop? Can you name an old DS game as your favorite for your Mii profile? Standby has yet to be precisely measured, but it lasts longer than one is away from the charging cradle. The aim is probably to make the 3DS something that you want with you at all times. The 3DS comes with a 2GB SD card for your data and has 2GB of internal flash memory for system use. There doesn't appear to be an option to rename your friends, as you automatically get their name and Mii when registered.

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