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While she was already starting to feel more like a girl than a boy, it wasn't until she took a sex education class that she realized she was attracted to boys, not girls.

She thought that she must be gay, though admitted 'that wasn't right for me either'.

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But as she got older, she realized that she preferred dressing up and playing with dolls over anything her brother was doing.

This meant that, as a teenager named Barry, she was bullied.

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She explained that a man told her that his rich friend 'would pay anything to see that someone like me exists' - and he followed through on that promise, netting Caroline enough cash to enhance her figure.

And it wasn't the only time she was paid for having a unique body.She only first made the connection that she was transgender after meeting another transgender person for the first time.First, Caroline earned enough money to get breast implants, thanks to an unexpected windfall.After the break-up, in 1974, she finally raised enough money for the surgery by doing a striptease act in Rome - and that's also when the idea to model was first put into her head.People told her she should get into the business, and she quickly started working with an agency.Recalling the detailed and incredibly personal questioning she had to undergo before being able to proceed with gender reassignment surgery, Caroline explained that during Caitlyn's powerful interview with Diane Sawyer in April, the athlete, who maintained she is attracted to women, was not asked whether she got sexually aroused when dressing in women's clothes.

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