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*Select the Request Accommodations link on the MPRE Registration page in your NCBE Account to be taken to the MPRE ADA Accommodations page, or go directly to

NCBE and LSAC take steps to ensure that MPRE registration materials are properly handled and processed, and that exams and answer sheets are properly prepared, printed, handled, and scored.

For more information, go to Employing a caregiver, babysitter, or domestic worker.

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If you do not designate a jurisdiction before the exam, or if you decide you would like to have your MPRE score sent to additional jurisdictions, you must request and pay for a score report after the examination through MPRE Score Services.

Law School Admission Council MPRE Service Phone: (215) 504‐3886Fax: (215) 968‐[email protected] that written complaints about testing conditions or procedures must be received at LSAC within six calendar days of the test date.

(You already have an MPRE account if you previously registered for an MPRE that was administered in 2013 or later.) If you do not already have an MPRE account, you will be taken to the MPRE Account Creation page on the LSAC website.

Follow the instructions there to create an account and log in.

You will need to access this account before the exam to print your Admission Ticket and to view other important information about the test. Please do not contact NCBE or LSAC to request exceptions to this policy.

NCBE makes decisions on requests for test accommodations for the MPRE and provides reasonable accommodations for examinees who have qualified disabilities as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA) and who provide appropriate documentation in a timely manner. Applicants whose religious beliefs preclude them from taking the MPRE on a Saturday may apply with LSAC to take the exam on the designated alternate date, usually the following Monday.Written complaints can be sent to LSAC by email or fax using the contact information listed above, or in a letter addressed to Law School Admission Council MPRE Service Attention: Test Center Complaint662 Penn Street P. Box 8515Newtown, PA 18940-9506 For inquiries regarding ADA accommodations or exam scores, please contact NCBE.You can view and update important information and make requests for many exam-related services directly in your NCBE Account or your MPRE Account with LSAC.Refer to the table below for a summary of the actions you can take in each account.If you don’t have an NCBE Account, you should create one before beginning the MPRE registration process.Please see ADA Accommodations for more information about how to request accommodations for the MPRE and the deadline for doing so. To apply, you must provide a letter to LSAC on official stationery from your cleric confirming your affiliation with a recognized religious entity that observes its Sabbath throughout the year on Saturday. The letter must be received at LSAC by the late registration deadline or you will not be allowed to test.

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