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There is nothing shocking, groundbreaking, or thrilling about the show.It is just a relaxing way to enjoy an hour of television for motorcycle enthusiasts in a way that will put a smile on your face.I just finished the first episode and to me this is the TV version of "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance".

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During the alleged makeout, Joshua was in The Philippines filming the Now, it has emerged that Diane was sitting next to Norman at Rosetta Getty’s July 4th party in Tuscany, with picture proof from party guests.

It remains to be seen if they are just friends, or if she has found a new love.

“We got this call because they are going to make a new ‘Spider-Man,’ and he's like 14 or 15,” Reedus told the Philippine Daily Inquirer in 2015.

“They asked, ‘Would Mingus want to audition for ‘Spider-Man?

I live in Monterey and work in Santa Cruz, so I especially enjoyed seeing all the familiar places in this episode.

But still, I look forward to seeing places that I haven't been in the future episodes.

’ He's had a couple of these calls, and he always said no to all of them.” According to the actor, Mingus said he turned down roles because he “didn’t want to ruin his life” and “didn’t want to be famous.” “He's got such a good head on his shoulders,” Reedus gushed.

“I'm learning from him more than he's learning from me.

17 years ago you entered into our world and every day since, you've made me feel like I did something very, very right 💙 A photo posted by Helena (@helenachristensen) on There's absolutely no question that these two look alike!

All of Mingus' features – from his big eyes to his face shape and even his eyebrows – were clearly inherited from his famous mom. Throwback photos from Christensen’s Instagram page prove Mingus used to look like Reedus when he was young.

The only thing missing seemed to be confirmation from the actors themselves!

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