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“The effect becomes more pronounced over the Xmas vacations and party season," he said.“Questions such as 'have you been dating anyone recently' and 'do you think you’ll ever marry’ become 'On your own, are you?

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“We also notice, having an over fifties site, that people who have been through a difficult or messy divorce feel very much that they are going to kick off a new year with a new beginning - even if it's not to find true love - they feel they are putting the right foot forward in getting out there again." Of course, it's not just those who've been through a messy divorce who seek out a comforting date – apparently those who are unhappily married are doing it as well.

Ashley caters for married folk who want to date on the side – interestingly their biggest spike came immediately after New Year's Eve.

Lovestruck has already launched a three-week tube campaign, which it says is "designed to put Lovestruck front of our target audience's mind for when deciding which dating site to join, which normally happens from December 26th to mid-January”, as well as commissioning a rather cute video of a physicist explaining his theory of everything (which happens to eventually lead to love).

“For 16 December up until Valentine's Day, we have up to 16 different marketing streams on full blast – including our first foray into TV advertising," a Brett Harding, managing director for Lovestruck told Huff Post UK.

So feel free to begin a discussion, pose a question, offer your feedback, and start connecting with other local singles right now!

Here's one Christmas phenomenon Huff Post UK bets you didn't know about; the biggest days for online dating are between Boxing Day and New Year's Eve, blamed on the pressures applied to singletons during festive family time.No one wants to stuck at home on their own on New Year's Eve.It's the one night of the year you have to have a date." One of Wade's sister sites, Miss Travel is relatively new – it caters for young women who want to travel with their sugar daddy dates on holiday - but Wade expects the uptake to be big this year as, as he says: "Who wants to stay in the UK at this time of the year when the weather is this terrible?"Virtually the whole of business apart from retail has shut down and people are stuck at home, crawling up the walls trying to entertain themselves.Christmas ends on Boxing Day night - that leaves five very quiet days between Christmas and New Year when we all have a lot of time to kill,' he said. I think people start planning for 2013 from 27 December onwards.The first working day after New Year's there was a 413% increase in member sign-ups with a total of 9,857 new members.


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