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In the darkest, coldest part of the year, it's this holiday that's all about warmth -- red hearts and chocolate and romantic dinners and fireplaces.

So whether you're flying solo this year, dating, married with children or married with grandchildren, I think there is a reason to celebrate.

They built a strong friendship a foundation for the future relationship they were building.

They then made a promise not to share a kiss until a special day!

He wears a bright plumage, and he flaunts a sexy strut. The magazine worked with data scientists at from those two dating sites to gleam the words and phrases in the most attractive profiles—the bits of the lexicon seemingly correlated to generic gorgeousness. People like people who watch glosses this as, “It pays to be respectable, approachable, and grammatical.” I guess women calling themselves “girls” is the approachable part. That said, from these two data points, we can’t know if the people who call women doesn’t account for—you can only be a man or a woman, heterosexual or homosexual—and that may be clouding this tiny result.

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