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The brothers currently host four different shows on the network: Property Brothers, Buying and Selling, Property Brothers at Home, and Brother vs. Kathleen Finch, president of HGTV, even told The New York Times last year that Jonathan and Drew are "the cable equivalent of box-office movie stars." Well, that much is true if you look at their social media followings.

Both Jonathan and Drew are beloved on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Vine.

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Let’s start off with what everyone is dying to know… That money that we made from not having to pay rent in university and also making a profit, we used to buy a place at 18 right across from the university.

We’re doing 19 more episodes – that’s season 3 finishing up. For this interview, our readers love you guys, so they sent in all the questions. Jonathan and I amongst ourselves, and even with our friends, have a no BS policy. A lot of people think that I’m allergic to gluten, but I’m actually not. We have a production company called Scott Brothers Entertainment. We went to this leased property, cleaned it all up and rented the whole thing out.

Jonathan Scott: I'm all about spontaneous adventure and good laughs.

With a former girlfriend, I created website treasure map filled with our quirks and memories that led her on a journey to find items and clues that would eventually lead up to our romantic evening together.

I'm quite OK "picking my battles" and at the end of the day enjoy making her happy.

Your Tango: Which celebrity couple would you love to double date with?

Jonathan Scott: Well I'm tired of double dating with Drew and his girlfriend so if you have a suggestion, please let me know [laughs].

Thirty-seven-year-old twins Jonathan and Drew Scott are kind of a big deal on the HGTV network.

We go in and we do a light makeover on the property and stage it appropriately to sell and market it properly and get them into a new home.

It bridges that gap for people who have to buy a new home but still have to sell another property.

If you're a big fan and love to watch the brothers work their real estate and design magic on the small screen, then you'll definitely want to learn these 30 facts we've uncovered about the duo.


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