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Thus it is not likely that a couple will be functionally compatible if one party to the relationship holds such a basic value while the other is a thief.

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The degree to which you and your significant other are compatible depends on several variable that are discussed below.

Do you and your significant other share basic values?

The powerful one may treat the passive one like a doormat.

Indeed, the classic case of an abusive relationship where the recipient of the abuse has a “victim mentality” is a case in which one individual is dominant (the perpetrator) and the other passive (the victim).

For example, the belief that it is (or tend to be) wrong to steal is a basic (moral) value for most people.

From this value many other derivative values follow such as the wrongfulness of white collar crime.

Thus you can be more or less compatible with your mate.

So, the question addressed here is not merely whether you are compatible but instead how compatible.

For example, an atheist is not likely to get along well with a strongly religious person.

So, there needs to be at least some core basic values that hold the relationship together.

For example, some who are quiet and reserved may look for mates who are boisterous and extroverted and the relationship may (or may not) be functional.


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