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The study's goal is not necessarily to boil attraction down to a science, but rather to see how attraction is affected by how people view themselves and how they act.

While you’re finding that special someone, Trew and SFU psychology professor Rebecca Cobb are collecting data to study what factors predict romantic attraction and how the process of starting a new romantic relationship works.

“I am interested in the effect of emotional states and mental health on attraction and relationship initiation,” says Trew, who is a clinical psychologist.

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To pair bond or not: The evolutionary psychological approach to human mating.

Speed-dating: A powerful and flexible paradigm for studying romantic relationship initiation. Possible selves in marital roles: The impact of the anticipated division of labor on the mate preferences of women and men. Mispredicting distress following romantic breakup: Revealing the time course of the affective forecasting error. In live interaction, does familiarity promote attraction or contempt? Smooth operating: A structural analysis of social behavior perspective on initial romantic encounters.[Download Article]Eagly, A. Induced relative left frontal cortical activity increases jealousy.


  1. I sensed from our email correspondence that Blondie wasn’t a green zebra—more like a yellow orangutan. I felt the urge to grab my coat and make a quick exit, waving goodbye while he was on the call so he wouldn’t have a chance to protest. I remembered The Juggler—the first hour of our first date was pretty terrible, but in the end I liked him and we had some hot chemistry. You have to give people a chance to get comfortable.

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