Punjabi dating customs

The culture of Punjab demonstrates a rich history of well-developed ancient civilizations.

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In functions / gatherings, men and women generally eat separately.

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast for 30 days and do not eat or drink from sunrise to sundown.

The dress of Kalash people in remote areas of Chitral is unique with black robes and colourful embroidery. Dances are very popular all over the country in varying forms.

Owing to the Islamic culture, mostly men take part in dances publicly, however female dancers too exhibit their skills in group dances and in theatre and cinema.

The skilled laborers actively contribute to enhancing economic growth of the state.

Punjab’s culture and traditions are one of the most distinguished and ancient ones in the world.

The fast is broken at the time of the evening prayer, mostly with dates and pakoras.

Whenever visiting Pakistan, or for that matter any Muslim country, foreigners are expected not to eat in front of the fasting Muslims as a respect for the scared month. The dress in Pakistan varies from region to region, keeping in view the climatic conditions of the area.

Many groups and solo artists have thrived the music scene and people have a wide choice to make from.

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