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After a further 10 minute wait my elderly mother was eventually seen.

Their tone was offensive, it took 15 minutes before we were told why we were being delayed, we were not kept informed as to what was happening and had the query been raised at the time of booking the appointment, we would not have been left in the waiting room at all.

This treatment of an elderly woman in poor health is totally unacceptable.

At one point they just said to the other person taking notes, baby seems okay. They asked if we wanted a photo, I said yes thinking like the last one they would try a few options and ask if they were ok, instead they printed one out straight away which is just a blurred mess!

I know the scans not just to get a picture but the reassurance throughout was nil!

I suggest that the receptionist is called in for a performance review at the first available opportunity.

It's my first baby and the scan is an exciting but nerve wrecking time! My first dating scan was held at royal bolton hospital and the sonagrapher was fantastic, really friendly and tried their hardest to get us a decent picture and explain everything- and it was really busy! Throughout the scan the sonagrapher barely spoke a word and considering they were checking everything was okay they gave no feedback of what they were seeing we had to ask!

They then said - in a very aggressive tone - that it wasn't their fault and I should blame the GP.

I pointed out that had I been informed during the phone call that they needed it in writing from the GP I could have sorted it out for the form to be faxed to them in advance, meaning my mum would not have been unnecessarily delayed.

Report as unsuitable Further to the previous posting, I have also encountered the very rude receptionist at radiology today.

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