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While Mary-Kate still acts occasionally, her sister has quit.

They are now more focused on their fashion business.

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Social media was abuzz when news broke recently of actress Fiona Xie having a new beau - rapper Julien Leo - mostly because she is much older than him.

Xie, who is hosting the sixth season of Channel 5's home-makeover show Renovaid, is 35 years old, while Leo, son of high fashion retailer Tina Tan-Leo, is 21. The 14-year age gap does not appear to be an issue for the couple, going by a recent lovey-dovey photo of them which he posted on Instagram.

" The picture has since been deleted from his account (@jayouleeun), but that has not stopped netizens from capturing screenshots and sharing them online. She is also known as a bilingual and versatile host of travel and infotainment television shows.

She quit show business in 2009, reportedly to move to Hong Kong to live with her then-boyfriend, an Australian-American.

And while they are not uncommon in show business, they almost always raise eyebrows.

The Sunday Times looks at some prominent May- December relationships.

At the wedding, Wu, who was married to Chinese actress Ma Yashu before they split in 2009, said of Liu: "God saved the best for me." Even though the couple have 17 years between them, one can hardly tell just by looking at them.

After all, Wu, considered a heart-throb since his debut in pop group Little Tigers almost three decades ago, looks like he has barely aged a day since.

The couple had a son named Genghis the following year.


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