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I have a level of relationship and commitment with you that I have with no other person.

I show it by this: I have sexual intercourse only with you.

As neighbors and local dignitaries gathered to watch, a squad of Cleveland firefighters employed their full complement of tools—sledgehammers, axes, halligans, chain saws—to try to break into and get out of a blighted property safely.

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The partnership formed two years ago to begin testing and promoting Clearboarding over the ubiquitous eyesore plywood boarding. Aesthetically, Clearboarding looks and feels like glass, so vacant homes appear to have regular windows, rather than ugly plywood boards.

For thieves and other criminals, that iconic brown boarding is an automatic advertisement, Klein says: “This house is vacant. ” The extremely durable and difficult to penetrate Clearboarding addresses that concern by keeping people from smashing through the plywood, which then has to be replaced, usually repeatedly.

It does not seem to matter if that first meeting is in a restaurant, a mall, or at church. ” Sexuality is a large part of people’s lives and many Christian couples are struggling: If you have a church with 100 married couples, you could consider 30 of them statistically “sexless”; 50 of the women and 32 of the men have been sexually abused; and, almost 50 of the couples deal with pornographically fueled struggles.

The questions people ask are open and personal: “What is normal? Sexual Intercourse: The sign we have entered into the covenant of marriage.

Tony Brancatelli, Cleveland Councilman for Ward 12, which includes a majority of Slavic Village, said he appreciates all the success the partnership has accomplished to date: “This neighborhood in 2007, even before the crisis, had the highest foreclosure rate in the United States.

One of the key components is the partnership is doing this all with no government subsidies but as part of the private market, so it can work.” Klein is recognized as a national expert in this field, primarily because he founded Safeguard Properties in 1990 and grew the corporation into the largest property preservation company in the U. before he retired in 2010 to move into new ventures, including Community Blight Solutions.

Vagrants or others who break in often start fires to keep warm, so if they can’t get in, they can’t start fires that could potentially burn down the house.

Moreover, first responders cannot see through plywood, so police or firefighters don’t know who or what is in the house when they arrive.

Sexual Knowledge: What you know, you cannot unknow. Oursex-is-everywhere culture continues to drive this misinformation.

Be careful concerning sources of sexual information. Find your sexual theology in the place where you need to form your theology: the Bible. Do not rely on what you have heard someone say these mean. Sexual Types: Two words in the Bible describe sex: to lie with and to know. The second, yada, means to know deeply through acquaintance, observation, and care. Sexual images blast off of billboards, store displays, magazine covers, and articles.

Of the 15,000 properties in 2,300 communities throughout the US that Community Blight Solutions has refitted with Clearboarding, not one has been broken into successfully.

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